We provide legal services to Bulgarian and foreign clients in the following areas:

We focus on areas where we have many years of experience and specialized expertise and which through their synergy give extra quality to our overall practice and, thus, added value to our clients.

On one hand, our arbitration and litigation experience helps us identify potential problems, and negotiate and draft transactions in a manner which minimizes the risk for our clients. On the other hand, our transactional experience allows us to understand better complex business issues involved in arbitration and litigation, and, as a result, to devise optimal trial strategies. At the same time our deep knowledge of the business related fields of European Union Law and Public International Law greatly enhances our ability to deal effectively with transnational transactions, investments, and disputes resolution.

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Primary contact for retaining the services of our law firm:
Lazar Tomov
E-mail: l.tomov@tomov.com
Tel: +359 888 216135