As a result of its dedication to professional excellence, Tomov & Tomov has been consistently ranked by most prestigious publications related to the legal profession as a leading firm in the fields of litigation and arbitration in the past 10 years.

Global Arbitration Review 100 has included Tomov & Tomov in its list for the last eight years. According to GAR 100:

  • “One user of the firm’s services praises its strategic judgement in the selection of arguments, and its thoroughness. “They approach every legal issue with legal knowledge, diligence and dedication,” the user says. The fees are reasonable, and Lazar Tomov in particular is an “outstanding litigator with good judgement and powerful argumentation,” the client adds.”;
  • “Another client says that they have been using Tomov & Tomov for 16 years and the firm has represented it successfully in all the cases in which it was retained. “Tomov & Tomov always provides reliable advice on complex legal issues on the basis of their deep knowledge and wide experience in Bulgarian and international law matters,” says the client. “In short, Tomov & Tomov is an outstanding law firm.”
  • “The team is commended for its ability to “consistently provide reliable legal advice on complex issues.”

Legal 500 has ranked Tomov & Tomov as a top tier firm in dispute resolution for ten consecutive years. Legal 500 reported:

  • in 2013 that “the ‘highly responsive, dedicated and organised’ boutique Tomov & Tomov is ‘very proficient and capable of dealing with complex legal issues.”;
  • in 2014 that “the ‘very professional’ team at Tomov & Tomov has ‘excellent expertise in arbitration’, and is ‘very focused.”;
  • in 2015 that “Tomov & Tomov’s ‘expert team’ is ‘fantastic for arbitration’: ‘highly detail-oriented, precise and available whenever needed’; the team delivers ‘honest, straightforward counsel with keen insight.”;
  • in 2016 that “Tomov & Tomov’s compact team ‘combines rigorous legal analysis not often seen in larger firms, with an appreciation of what is required by international clients’; it is, for some, ‘the best Bulgarian firm for international arbitration.”;
  • in 2017 that “Tomov & Tomov ‘understands the client’s needs in sophisticated and complex international disputes.”;
  • in 2018 that “‘Operating at the top level’, Tomov & Tomov is the ‘best firm for matters involving international disputes.”;
  • in 2019 that “the ‘outstanding’ team ‘always provides reliable advice on complex legal issues based on its deep knowledge and wide experience.”;
  • in 2020 that “Tomov &Tomov; can be relied on to provide a sound legal advice on complex legal issues because they have deep knowledge and broad experience in Bulgarian and international law matters. They are a compact and well-organized team that is capable of dealing with huge records and complicated matters. In short, Tomov&Tomov; is an outstanding law firm.”;
  • in 2021 that “the Tomov team is world class. It is highly responsive and detail oriented. Their approach is at the same time practical and yet methodical and rigorous. They understand strategy and function at the highest level of practice.”
  • in 2022 that “Tomov & Tomov’s compact, well-organized” and “cooperative” team “can be relied on to provide a sound legal advice on complex legal issues” and “deal with huge records and complicated matters”.