Tomov & Tomov is a Bulgarian boutique law firm that provides services to Bulgarian and foreign clients in the fields of arbitration and litigation, complex commercial, corporate and financial transactions, European Union law, and public international law.

The boutique profile of Tomov & Tomov reflects our professional philosophy and values.

We do not strive to be the biggest law firm in the Bulgarian legal market. We strive to be the best law firm in terms of the value provided to our clients.

We believe that high quality legal services, personalized attention, and effective and efficient management of work, resulting in a competitive fee structure, provide the best value to our clients.

We explain below how our boutique approach helps us realize our philosophy and values in practice.

Dedication to high quality legal services

In the current legal world characterized with ever-increasing complexity and sophistication, specialization is the path to and guarantee of the highest quality of our work. Without being completely divorced from general legal work, we concentrate on limited practice areas where we have real strength. Our boutique approach allows us to stay focused, to stay at the forefront of the latest legal developments and thus to realize our commitment to professional excellence. Consistent with this commitment, the lawyers of the firm are practitioners with highly specialized expertise, international education and experience, fluency in foreign languages, and a constant desire to improve their professional skills.

Personalized approach to our clients

We believe that despite the different business forms in which lawyers are organized a client hires a lawyer and not a law firm. When a client approaches our firm, we carefully try to determine its specific goals and expectations, and provide a tailor made legal team that best meets the client’s needs. We never take assignments without being fully confident that we have the necessary skills and resources. When we take on the assignment, however, our boutique approach guarantees that virtually all work will be done by the selected experienced team and not by lawyers in training. We work with a partner-to-associate ratio that is significantly higher than in other Bulgarian law firms.

Effective and efficient management of our work

Our boutique approach frees partners to focus on practicing law rather than on administrative functions, and considerably reduces overhead costs. Thus, we are able to maintain a highly effective and efficient process of work management, and, as a result, to budget our practice in a manner that leads to a transparent, predictable, and competitive fee structure. It also puts us in a position to consider alternative fee arrangements tailored to the specific needs of our clients and long-term professional relationships.

While our boutique approach increases the quality and cost efficiency of our work, it does not prevent us from taking on enormous and complex tasks. We have excellent relations with distinguished lawyers from other law firms and academia. When necessary, building on these ties, we can put together a team that includes not only our attorneys but also other distinguished lawyers who can contribute with their specific professional skills to the successful completion of the task at hand. Thus, clients benefit from the expertise of the most suitable and prominent lawyers.